What happened? Did you freeze to death!?

Hello dear readers!

A lot has happened since now and when we left off at crossing the Drake Passage. You all missed nearly ever tale of Antarctica!


The good news is….all of the posts are actually written! I never stopped writing, even though I lost internet connection. It was my hope that I would have the bandwith to literally copy and paste my posts to share with you guys. That never happened. Unfortunately a lot of things like live streaming the Super Bowl (who even cares about the Patriots?) to Palmer Station took priority.


So this post is just a short informational piece letting you know that I’ll be continuing the tales of my Antarctic travels…I’ll be ending them with a post about the proposal. For those of you who don’t know – I actually got engaged while I was there!


From there the blog will continue – I’d love to share some of my thesis work with you and also talk about my current internship (tagging sharks and getting paid to FISH). It is my hope that my life will be as exciting as it was before and that this blog can serve as entertainment but also education of the many things going on in the marine biology world. Also I will continue with the humorous memes.

So what do you say, readers, still up for the adventure?



–The Girl With the Big Bass (and the big sharks, red snappers, and now an engagement ring)


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